Events for 2010 / 2011

EVENT Date Description
Erongo Microlight Club fly-in All to be informed of the next Fly Inn See Below





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André  Sacoun  e-mail:
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Hi to all Aviators,

This serves as a friendly reminder to all the very busy pilots out there. Erongo Microlight Club will once again host a fly-inn at an date to be determined and forwarded to all.

The exact dates will be communicated in due time.

We are however planning on getting interesting as well as very experienced company to join us during that period. Gyrocopter demos as well as flights are also on the agenda.

I am of the opinion that the next fly-in will exceed all expectations.

Should there be any enquiries or suggestions in the mean time, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me as we would like to make this year one of the most memorable.

No fly-inn can be a success without pilots and their flying machines. So, these dates should be of utmost importance to all aviation enthusiasts, and all and everyone should bear in mind that the only fly-in organized by an aviation club in Namibia is the annual Omaruru fly-inn.

Kind regards and safe landings.

Dawid Erasmus & E.R.M. EC.